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The Delusional Feminist Power Fantasy Relies On Male Charity And Tolerance

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Two genders: Male or Female Two bathrooms: Male or Female Toxic? Two Genders Kids: Leave them alone! If one studies the archetypal ideals of the hero’s journey (a hallmark of the male power fantasy), what we almost always find are stories of self sacrifice. Power for most men is

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AI-Training “Grunts” Paid A Measly $15/Hr To Train ChatGPT

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It’s not real AI!!!! Two OpenAI contractors revealed to NBC News that the kind of work that goes into training large language models (LLMs) like those behind ChatGPT is very much “grunt work” — though in the case of these two individuals, they’re pretty happy to be doing it. Source:

Millennials Have To Work Twice As Much As Boomers Did To Pay Off College, But There’s A Catch… 

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Key FindingsBetween the mid-1980s and 2010, the cost of a Bachelor’s degree in public and private colleges increased by 421% and 303%, respectively;Over the same period, the average post-graduation salary saw a 165% increase, while the federal minimum wage jumped by a mere 116%;Baby Boomers earning minimum wage could

A Low-Trust Society Is An Impoverished Society

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The causes of this decay of social trust can be debated endlessly, but several factors are obvious:1. Institutions forfeited the trust of the citizenry by withholding / editing realities to serve the interests of hidden agendas and insiders’ careers. The Vietnam War was pursued on fabrications, as was the second