• Projects and computer systems consultant: software programs, project management and support;
  • Software designer and database technician, internet service provider, concept developer, webmaster;
  • Audio and video producer / musician / composer / corporate communications; copy and technical writer;
  • Accounting services and business consulting; resources management and forecasting; real estate law.


  • Project supervisor and business management consultant; ideas, reporting, workflows, presentations;
  • Proficient in Macintosh, Windows and Unix computers and secure networks; desktop solutions specialist;
  • Working knowledge of HTML, PHP, SQL programming including database design and administration;
  • Experienced graphic designer, lo-fi audio and video producer, back-to-basics website and print specialist;
  • Award-winning songwriter, part time screenwriter, performing and visual artist; speaker and speech writer.


Lives and works in Southern Ontario since 2006 after 16 years in the city of Toronto where he provided creative production and technology consulting services to advertising, retail, publishing and technology businesses. Designed a home and studio in the country starting in 1990 and finished in 2011. Started a local internet services company and indie record label.


  • Technology partner: projects and customer support; public relations and advertising agency, 1994;
  • Database administrator, technical consultant, production artist: large Canadian publishers, 1998;
  • Chief technology officer and project manager: executive recruitment and management firm, 2000
  • Partnership in WebCatt, family business: boutique style ISP and project/solutions incubator since 2001;
  • Homebuilder, house and garden renovations, interior design and green solutions; property administration.


  • Next Level Press Publishing: printed books, ebooks, DVDs, CDs, advertising and promotions, 1993;
  • TCR Inc.: Awarded Apple and AST Value Added Reseller status to sell computers and peripherals, 1995;
  • WebCatt: ISP services and Indie-Unsigned web radio; 1000+ artists, music profiles and reviews, 2001;
  • Mouthful of Records: graphics, writing and music services for artists and corporate media projects 2008.

Self-employed songwriter and musician with previous experience as a print production supervisor, landscape gardener, security guard, network cabler, shipper/receiver, interactive tv scriptwriter, delivery driver, bricklayer's labourer, taker of notes, typist and paid listener. Enjoys learning to be flexible and adaptable in many different creative production situations: research, writing, music, and graphics.

Available to meet, discuss, and work your plan or plan your work, at your convenience.

Toronto, 01 2015

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