Desmond Grundy


Accomplished business person, singer-songwriter, technology enabler and home builder. Studied Media and Writing at Sheridan College.

Provided creative, production and business consulting services to advertising, retail, publishing and technology businesses in the Toronto and Hamilton area. Writes and records original music for publication and sale and performs live on occasion. Currently assisting local businesses and non-government organizations and agencies with document analysis and development, writing, research and publishing.

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  • Ability to focus energy and work smart to meet higher than normal expectations;

  • Wide range of computer hardware and software expertise;

  • Ability to source solutions and manage acceptable workflows;

  • Experienced and patient teacher and support person; personnel management;

  • Ability to research and document primary and secondary sources into accessible publications;

  • Organizing and presenting information logically and coherently;

  • Managing computer databases, project and resources;

  • Drafting letters, proofing and editing contracts and mortgages;

  • Publishing and document design; website and database design.

I have been into publishing since my time at Sheridan College. At that time, only print publishing was available to me. I started my publishing company (Next Level Press) in 1991. I have been able to publish one, two-volume History (Burma Liberators) by Jack R.W. Gwyne Timothy. I also published an educational video about Equine Massage, which I wrote a soundtrack for, and had narrated by a professional travel writer. Next Level Press also published an ebook about teaching university courses online which we made into a free ebook download for teachers.

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  • Project supervisor and business management consultant; concept development, reporting, workflows, presentations;
  • Experienced graphic designer, lo-fi audio and video producer, back-to-basics website and print specialist;
  • Social media and SEO manager; technical and documentation support and troubelshooting;
  • Corporate communications; copy and technical writer, researcher; content troubleshooter.



  • Projects and software solutions consultant: software/hardware projects and support;
  • Compatible and proficient with Microsoft, Apple, Unix operating systems / applications;
  • LAMP, CSS, HTML and WordPress development tools.; graphics and data management;
  • Large range of building, landscaping and project management experience.
  • Homebuilder and handyman, house and garden renovations, interior design and green solutions; property administration.

A house we built on the Oak Ridges Moraine in Uxbridge, Ontario that has become somewhat of a landmark. Local labour, green technology, architected and engineered to suit working from home.

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A presentation of some of my interests from 1985-2014. This is getting long in the tooth now and I should do a new one.


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  • This is my EP, released 2010, called Took A Bus. The 3 song EP can be downloaded for free as a relatively good MP3 here.
  • This is one of two YouTube playlists of influences.
  • This is two of two YouTube playlists of influences.


  • TVO chef for national print advertisement (no link)
  • Indigo product launch web ad (no link)
  • Le Quesada Mexican Restaurant, Gunslinger, Advertising POSTER


  • Urban Legends tv series, mad scientist: Season 3, Episode ?

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